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home-audio-video-distribution-what-is-it-and-why-you-need-itCCS Southwest HOME division offers top of the line systems to bring your entertainment to life including Creston, Lutron, Control 4, and Savant and a variety of high-end displays and sound systems from LG displays to Bowers & Wilkins audio. We are the first choice for custom home design among local residential architects, interior designers, and luxury home builders in the luxury lifestyle marketplace. 

Simply put, audio-video distribution systems refer to the combination of the use of video and audio for better viewing and listening experiences. Essentially, it helps to successfully achieve an immersive effect that until now, is typically only found in commercial buildings. Many products are used to create an immersive environment like cameras, control systems, customer user interfaces, projectors, and displays. With our expertise and extensive experience, you will be able to have a sophisticated whole-house audio video distribution system that’s practical and entertaining. 

Home Audio Video System Possibilities

There are numerous possibilities that can be customized to your personal needs and taste. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can have music playing throughout the home or include speakers that blend into your wall decor. Here’s a brief list of some of the possibilities available: 

  • In-wall/Ceiling Speakers – These speakers provide a chic and modern aesthetic that won’t be noticed by you or guests. This minimalist look allows you to blend your best home automation system into your home seamlessly. 
  • Multi-room Audio – Do you love playing music at home but hate it when you can’t hear it in the next room? Installing multi-room audio solves this problem by letting the music follow you around the house while you control what song comes on and how loud it is played. 
  • HD Streaming and Quality – Top of the line displays, and home network system will take your at-home entertainment to another level and make sure your streaming is always seamless.
  • Multiple Inputs/Multiple screens – With this system, you won’t need a DVD player in every room to watch movies. In fact, you’ll be able to control all devices in one central location and use them throughout the home and on multiple screens. It’s a sleek and organized setup allowing you to expand your entertainment options. 
  • Whole House Audio Video Distribution System – If you love to entertain, audio video systems distribution gives you the chance to have music in every room in your home along with digital screens that can broadcast video wherever you are. 

Whatever you can imagine for your audio video distribution, CCS Southwest can help you build it. Perfectly synced videos and audio in every room can bring your home automation to a new level. The idea is to achieve AV home excellence seamlessly and without several different controlling devices to wade through. 

CCS Southwest Product Spotlight

Our products take seamless audio-video distribution to new heights with large immersive displays and the latest technologies. Multi-Screen displays and smart mirrors have a way of elevating your home experience and tying it all together for a truly relaxing and regenerative environment. Here is a list of our best and most popular AV home products: 

Atmosphere 4K multi-screen – This is an incredible addition to a home spa, fitness room, or any room that you are trying to create a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. Take your family and guests on a calming exploration of beautiful landscapes based on a strong visual aesthetic that transports the viewer to waterfalls, mountains, and deserts. Using the four-wall display screens between 55” to 103”, the 4K multi-screen display utilizes the “Slow Movement” idea further illuminating a unique and soothing environment. Why should you integrate this into your home video distribution? 

    • Increase the physical and mental well being
    • Helps with deep relaxation
    • Help stress reduction and regeneration
    • Increase energy reserves
    • Help greater efficiency at work


OLED TV LG is the leader in OLED TVs, providing the best viewing experience on the market. Transform your home space and your life by investing in this sleek, stylish, and innovative addition created with AI ThinQ technology and LG’s newest processors. 

Choose from the 8K or 4K OLED TV with perfect black and pixel-level dimming for detailed images, even in the shadows, and infinite contrast, as well as a realistic color that is closer to lifelike. You’ll be impressed with AI designed picture and sound powered by deep learning and a9 and a7 Gen 2 intelligent processors. These processors recognize the input quality and optimize clarity and sharpness to deliver a crisp picture specifically for OLED TV screens. Featuring elegant glass design, LG OLED TVs are the first with Google Assistant and Alexa using LG ThinQ AI Technology.

You’ll be investing in the world’s most intelligent TV with advanced image and sound technologies inspired by and only found in cinema. Imagine a TV that uses a Magic Remote, conversational voice language, and an award-winning easy to use webOS platform with access to the largest libraries of Dolby vision. All this content and more can be synced to your iPhone.

Séura SMART Technology – What you’ve seen in your favorite sci-fi movie is real. Mirrors that can make phone calls and display calendars are no longer theoretical technologies of the past. Now, you can integrate Séura SMART Mirrors into your home video distribution and transform your bathroom into a home control hub. All from the comfort of your bathroom, you can view security cameras, check email, dim the lights, open the garage, and more all without leaving your master suite. There is a broad availability of customizable options like mirror size, framing, and multi-tasking that includes voice recognition and intuitive touch control options. Other great options provided by Séura SMART include: 

    • Lighted mirrors
    • Voice mirrors
    • Television mirrors
    • Outdoor televisions
    • Indoor waterproof televisions

Influenced by the late 19th-century French pointillist painter, George Seurat, Séura SMART technology brings together furniture, artwork, and technology to create a powerful and cohesive design. Effectively combining art and science, Séura Brilliant LED Technology provides long-lasting, energy-efficient, and environmentally safe solutions that reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Another plus to having the technology you save money on electricity. Unlimited design options and evenly lit patterns are just some of the advantages of using flexible LED strips. 

What We Do at CCS Southwest

Founded in 1991 by John Godbout, CCS has expanded from a two-person operation to employing over 300 employees throughout the US with revenue in excess of $130 million. Most recently ranked by Commercial Integrator as one of the top commercial audiovisual integrators in the country, CCS has more than two decades of experience providing high-quality AV solutions to both residential and commercial customers across various industries including hospitality, healthcare, government, higher education, K – 12, and worship. Other services we provide are home automation, electrical, integration, and service, and maintenance. 

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