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Although masks help shield students and faculty from potential disease-causing germs, masks can also make communication even harder during these unusual times. Ensuring every student receives proper volume and clarity of instruction and can understand what is being taught can already be a challenge with the normal background noise of a classroom environment. With teachers needing to speak from under a mask, classroom audio has become a challenge. Audio Enhancement understands this and offers essential audio solutions to aid in student education.

From a student listener’s perspective, there is a major difference in the quality of the teacher’s voice when he or she puts a mask on. Based on a study a mask interferes with the teacher’s ability to communicate effectively. When talking in a classroom without aide of a microphone and no mask, a little over half the room could moderately hear the teacher. When a mask was worn by the teacher, however, less than half of the room was able to intelligibility discern what was being said. Once Audio Enhancement’s audio solution was introduced and the teacher wore a microphone, the majority of the room was able to clearly hear and understand what was being said, even with a mask still being worn.

Audio Enhancement understands using a microphone has a substantial impact on the clarity of teacher communication while wearing a mask and wants to help educators keep their classrooms healthy while still being able to be clearly heard and understood by their students. Create a classroom where health and hearing convenience go hand in hand with one of Audio Enhancements portable or installed audio solutions.

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