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The ongoing change in the educational landscape has proved in-class technology must be innovative to keep up with a classroom’s evolving needs. BenQ understands this and has created Interactive Displays designed to futureproof classrooms while maximizing engagement both in and out of the classroom with interactive collaborative solutions that give educators the best resources, enhance student engagement, and safeguard everyone’s health.

BenQ’s cloud-based whiteboard, allows both students and teachers to freely exchange ideas, share multimedia files, and discuss topics through a simple, streamlined whiteboard interface that creates dynamic learning environment for students while providing educators versatile resources for teaching with technology that enables distance, hybrid, and active learning. Educators can enjoy wirelessly casting multiple device screens through InstaShare, quick access to lesson materials via the BenQ Account Management System, and the ability to continually inspire their students’ curiosity through display-based active learning activities inside the classroom, while simultaneously keeping remote students up to speed. Student interaction with lessons is important to boost their understanding and promote learning retention. BenQ’s collaborative cloud whiteboard allows students to annotate, discuss, and participate from anywhere in real time with EZwrite. Students can also wirelessly present their ideas in class using InstaShare. By enabling students to actively participate in class and have more control of their own education they’re encouraged to develop essential skills for the future.

BenQ’s displays not only create an interactive learning space, but a healthy one. ClassroomCareTM equips All BenQ interactive displays with protection necessary to foster education and safeguard health. All display screens are coated with a nano-ionic silver formula that kills 99.9% of common germs upon contact to reduce disease transmission in the classroom and all displays have a built-in air quality sensors allow you to monitor CO2 and PM2.5 levels in the classroom to help you regulate air flow accordingly to provide a healthy learning environment. BenQ displays also come with low blue light filters, flicker-free technology, and anti-glare screens for reduced eye strain to promote a comfortable viewing experience.

By futureproofing the classroom, educators can focus on giving lessons that leave an impact and give the leaders of tomorrow the tools they need to reach their maximum potential. BenQ’s Interactive Displays not only solve current challenges in the classroom, but help invest in a classroom’s future.

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