Audio Visual Systems Integration in Scottsdale and Tucson



To the end-user, the experience is seamless; to the integrator, the intricate and involved process to arrive at the seamless state is the experience. Our team of expert engineers and project managers in Scottsdale, Tucson and Albuquerque is here to design the best solution for your space.

  • Understanding the room and how it will impact end users, like our Net Zero Learning Environment at Colonel Smith Middle School
  • Implementing proper installation to avoid problems later
  • Combining hundreds of AV products into one seamless system
  • Creating solutions to complex technology integration
  • Understanding the complete product lines and appropriate applications

Integration Leadership

  • Joseph Yost
    Joseph Yost CCS Global Director of Engineering
    • Winston Fagan
      Winston Fagan Director of Installation
      • John Steineke
        John Steineke Lead Design Engineer
        What is AV Integrator?

        An AV Integrator sells, designs, and installs the audiovisual solutions. AV Integrators take the worry and hassle out of AV installation, design, and training.

        What is an AV System?

        An AV system is made up of several audiovisual components that work together to make a complete system.

        What are AV Devices?

        An AV device is an audiovisual device such as a speaker, a microphone, or a interavtive flat panel or LED video wall.

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