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Tailor Your Conference Space with Shure’s Microflex Ecosystem

From microphones to DSPs to loudspeakers, the Shure Microflex Ecosystem offers a complete portfolio of networked audio solutions that can be precisely tailored to your needs. They are dynamic and tailored to the way you work and can be customized with add-on solutions from certified Technology Partners such as secure connections with Shure Audio Encryption, and seamlessly expand and manage an entire audio chain over any network infrastructure with Dante Domain Manager.

The Microflex Ecosystem start with a Shure array microphone, the first link in the chain of audio components. The microphones combine as many as 100 tiny microphones in a low-profile form factor that can be easily mounted on or below the ceiling, on the wall, or on the table. An array microphone’s pickup pattern can even be adjustable from extremely narrow to wide, to cover a single seat or an entire section of the room so it can extract the best raw sound while adapting to the room and the people in it. Microflex Ecosystem then employs digital signal processing hardware that eliminates hallow sound, background noise, and echoes to provide intelligible, natural sound with audio feed that is synced with on screen video.

The ceiling loudspeaker has gone from being under appreciated and overlooked to becoming a full-fledged member of the audio ecosystem. The Microflex Ecosystem incorporates a ceiling loudspeaker with network connectivity and a flexible configuration tools so that loudspeakers are ready to do more than just making the sound– they can make the sound everything it should be. The Microflex Ecosystem also incorporates software that is quick to configure, adaptable to different needs, and easy to manage. Shure Designer software can configure Microflex Advance microphones, IntelliMix hardware or software audio processors, network interfaces, network mute buttons, and MXN5-C loudspeakers all from one portal. Shure SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software can monitor device status and identify potential problems even before they become problems.

Shure’s Microflex Ecosystem provides the technology for clear sound in any space while being quick to configure, adaptable to different needs, and easy to manage. Endlessly flexible, for best in-class collaboration experiences for even the most demanding spaces, the Microflex Ecosystem is an asset to any conferencing space.

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