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av-solutions-to-make-schools-saferThis is an unprecedented time in our country’s history. Schools are teaching thousands of students remotely using the most advanced video conferencing tools available. There will come a time – hopefully soon – when everyone will be back together again in person. 

Let’s encourage our schools to take advantage of this time to make improvements to their campuses to get them ready for the return of their students. 

As parents ourselves, we want the best for our children. Education is no different. That’s why we serve K-12 and higher education clients to ensure that students are safe with high-quality AV enhancements in the classroom. Research shows a positive connection to improved audio enhancement in the classroom and student performance. It helps to create an interactive and stimulating learning environment while empowering teachers with the tools needed to increase learning and retention. 

EPIC Learning System 

Other uses for AV enhancements have been used in the EPIC system, which stands for Education Paging and Intercom Communications. It is a system developed and used for Morgan County High School in Georgia in direct response to growing concerns and frustrations by K-12 teachers with the current intercom and bell system. It serves as a great example of how AV educational classroom systems can impact school safety and efficiency. 

One of the best features of the EPIC system is the opportunity for customization. It allows a school to completely customize zones for paging and bells, where administrators can create zones from any configuration. A zone can include an entire floor or just a single classroom. Zones have been set up for different types of testing like PSAT, AP, EOC, and ASVAB while allowing the administration to maintain silence in the adjoining halls from the rest of the school. Additionally, bells can be adjusted in the auditoriums to avoid any disruptions. 

epic-learning-systemBenefits of Audio Enhancement for Educational Classroom Systems

We know that schools and colleges are already using school emergency alert systems integrated with an intercom paging system to keep students safe. Technology can play an important role in maintaining safety on school campuses, but when data is difficult to control in a school intercom system, it can delay the timely delivery of important information. Audio enhancement for paging systems for school is an absolute necessity. In the event of an emergency situation, your school can not afford delays. So if you’re considering upgrading your school bell system or intercom paging system, here are a few benefits that might help you make a more informed decision: 

  • Simplicity – You don’t have the luxury of delayed educational classroom systems that are slow to respond to critical circumstances. Simple and easy to use school intercoms should not have complex operational requirements. User-friendly should be the top priority to empower users to be able to make quick decisions that they can execute without wasting valuable time figuring out how to use the system. 
  • Coverage – You want an all-inclusive and safe intercom paging system. That means that every classroom should have AV installations projectors, hardware, alert systems, and speakers. With full coverage, a well-equipped system is positioned to respond immediately and send alerts to teachers and staff seamlessly. 
  • Security – Monitoring classroom activity has never been easier with audio and video footage. If an alert is triggered in a classroom, the administration can take swift action by calling the police, medical staff, or starting a lockdown. These video and audio enhancement features can bring a sense of security and ease for both students and educators alike. 

Additionally, benefits for educational classroom systems exist for teachers also. A Harvard study uncovered the advantages of video and audio enhancement for educators. These improvements allow for educators to make adjustments in their lesson plans through observation. The study revealed many invaluable insights: 

  • Self-reflection – Watching self-recorded lessons provides educators with an opportunity to notice student challenges that they would otherwise miss during a teaching session. 
  • Peer collaboration – Educators can share and gain insight from their peers by observing the taped sessions and making recommendations for improvements. 
  • Coaching – Getting an outside perspective is much easier through virtual coaching. Increased objectivity can play a key role in providing feedback on observed classrooms. 
  • Evaluation – Video and camera installations give educators the opportunity to have more evaluation control over the classroom. 
  • Video library – Creating a common vision is much easier with a video library built through video and audio enhancement. 

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Current research that explores cameras in the classroom mentions that 89% of educators think the use of video in the classroom can improve the way they teach. Also, this same study reveals that 80% of educators consider classroom cameras key to identifying their own teaching characteristics. If you’re an educator or school administrator, you can appreciate the use of paging systems for school and their impact on student life. These enhancements have been shown to improve task behavior and concentration, increased student participation, better student behavior, reduction of teacher vocal fatigue, and fewer distracted students among others. 

We are passionate about education. As seasoned and certified AV consultants, we understand the value of establishing lifelong learning habits as early as possible. That’s why we support educational institutions in their quest to provide better learning opportunities for students around the country. Take a look at our website and give us a call for a remote consultation today!

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