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We are on the verge of the Jetsons era. Well, maybe not quite but we are pretty darn close with all the recent advances in technology. It is an exciting time for our generation as we witness significant automation improvements that enhance our everyday lives. Arguably, one of the most impactful improvements includes the future of home automation. Alexa is just the beginning. There’s a whole world out there of high-tech home automation that is sure to impress even the most cynical of tech heads. Whether your young or old, technically savvy or not, there are home automation system installation  built just for you. Seriously, the interfaces and integrated systems that are now available for smart homes are becoming increasingly easy to navigate and manage. 

What is Home Automation 

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The market for automation houses is expected to reach over $20 billion. Clearly, home automation is big business and expected to continue to grow as both familiarity and demand grow. With those kinds of numbers, you might want to reconsider expanding beyond Alexa and adding other automated tools that you would typically use manually on a daily basis. The pace of our lives continues to become more complicated and accelerated while home automation keeps things simple. At CCS Southwest, we are all about presenting better solutions and we have a few that may pique your interest. 

First, let’s define what home automation is and is not. Automation refers to the automatic and electronic control of home features, appliances, and activities. It allows you to install a system of hardware and software that enables you to control lighting, temperature, and even appliances. Looking to save more money on utilities? Home automation encourages you to be more mindful of energy efficiency by reducing the amount of time lights stay on or lowering temperatures when you’ve left the room. Other advantages include: 

  • Easy remote access: You truly are the king or queen of your castle with all the power to control the comfort level of your home at your fingertips using a mobile device like a phone or laptop. This is the life. 
  • Maximum convenience: When lights are scheduled to turn off at certain times, you no longer have to remind the kids to turn them off. You can spend your energies on other more important things now. 
  • Increased security: There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are safe with automated smoke detectors, pressure sensors, and carbon monoxide monitors. Any disaster that strikes will meet its match with a smart home system that uses artificial intelligence or facial recognition to alert you of impending danger. 

Home automation is not a simple system, yet it will simplify your life. They are installed using complex technology and your home must be compatible for maximized efficiency. If you want to truly leverage home automation technology, you may need to invest in a central platform that will tie all existing home systems and activities together. 

What Home Automation is Available

There are a plethora of home automation systems available for customization. Just to name a few, here are the most popular systems currently in use: 

  • Climate Control: The ability to monitor or control the Heating and Air Conditioning from a central control device from inside the home, or remotely
  • Occupancy – Aware Control System – By integrating environmental sensors like CO2 and smart meters into a home automation system, the home can sense the owner and make automatic adjustments to those specified comfort levels. 
  • Lighting Control: The main processor communicates with all lights inside and outside the home. In areas where you would typically have four or five light switches, they are replaced by a single keypad with multiple buttons.
  • Home Network: All devices that connect to the homes WiFi or LAN essentially become part of the network. This includes routers, modems, and network switches.
  • Security/Surveillance: Security monitors all opening doors and windows as well as motion detection and sensing broken glass on the property.

What CCS Southwest offers

 The CCS Southwest team will bring your home to life.

The services we offer include: 

  • Lighting control
  • Climate control
  • Audio/Video distribution
  • Remote monitoring
  • Home security and surveillance

Using digital technology, we’ve mastered the art of seamless technological integration with customizable experiences and carry some of the latest home automation innovations such as: 

  • Atmosphere 4K Multi-Screen: This state-of-the-art visual display brings a beautiful outside landscape into your home. The strong visual and “slow movement” aesthetic helps to slow down the pace of life for you and your guests while providing impressive visual effects and transferring you to exotic places. 
  • LG OLED TV: This is not just any TV. This TV screen will transform and elevate your entertainment space with features like AI ThinQ technology and LG’s newest processors. Integrated with your home automation system, this smart, powerful, and fast flat screen will keep your guests coming back for more. 
  • Séura Smart Mirrors: You may have seen this technology used in the movies. Well, it’s real and you can integrate this Suera SMART Technology into your home automation system via customizable vanity mirror options today. Voice-enabled speakers and touch control bring the world to your fingertips allowing you to multitask and prepare your day. Check the weather, calendar, or open your favorite apps while you get ready for work. 
  • Crestron Horizon Keypads: Inviting to the touch, appealing to the eye, and highly configurable, Horizon keypads give homeowners a premier user experience with designer aesthetics in every room.

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Are you ready for home automation? Contact us through our website today for a quote or an AV consultation and tell us what your needs are. The future of home automation is at your fingertips and we’re here to help you navigate it. As one of the largest audio/video integration companies in the country, we provide services to homes, businesses, schools and government clients. We are here to help you communicate your messages effectively and take pride in presenting better solutions.

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