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Virtual office solutions are on the rise and are now at the forefront of evolving businesses looking to stay on the cutting edge of business technology solutions. Times have certainly changed and being ahead of the curve includes incorporating complete office solutions into your existing business operations. 

What Are Workplace Management Solutions?

We partner with our vendors to provide the very best in complete office solutions that are both only budget-friendly and incredibly efficient. Our complete office solutions are multifunctional and address multiple operational assets. 

Workplace management solutions refer to a specific software platform that allows an organization to optimize workplace resources, including managing a company’s real estate portfolio, infrastructure, and operations. They are typically packaged and presented as an integrated suite of modules that are scalable. Workplace management solutions are typically used by real estate services firms, corporate entities, facilities services providers, and landlords and managing agents. As time and technology have advanced, complete office solutions have become increasingly employee-centric. 

What does this mean for you? It means that you can manage several aspects of your business from a cost-effective and centralized system. Core functions of complete office management can include: 

  • Real estate management
  • Capital project management
  • Facilities management
  • Maintenance management
  • Sustainability and energy management

Complete audio visual workplace management solutions are the future. The ability to provide data-driven, modern and agile workplaces are at your fingertips with complete office solutions software systems. Imagine being able to manage audiovisual facilities remotely. Everything from room booking to virtual collaborative workspaces can be done remotely and efficiently. 

Sony Teos Workplace Management SolutionsWhat can Sony Teos Workplace Management Solutions Do For Your Business?

Now that we have your attention on the potential benefits of workplace management solutions, let’s discuss what Sony Teos is and what it can do for you. Sony Teos is a workplace management solution software that places audio visual, IT, and facilities management at your fingertips. It is a cost-effective, scalable, and streamlined solution to managing facilities in a corporate environment. This complete suite is meant to create a smart workplace with a central workspace for digital signage, room booking, automated reception, and appointment setting technologies to encourage collaboration and efficiency. The software includes a diverse and broad range of features like: 

  • Advanced analytics
  • Remote updates
  • Universal remote access and control
  • Mobile room booking
  • Secure visitor check-in
  • Ability to manage and integrate video wall content
  • Wayfinding capacity

The Sony Teos software includes a search bar and “workplace solutions” that allow IT, AV, and facilities management to manage and customize add ons. The full suite of add ons provides increased flexibility and control of all aspects of IT, AV, and facilities: 

  • TEOS Reception – For those organizations without a permanent and dedicated receptionist, this add on is a cost-effective alternative. Guests, customers, and staff will interact with a tablet screen upon arrival. 
  • TEOS Book – This booking solution for meeting spaces can be set outside conference rooms for easy display of room availability, meeting information, and forthcoming meetings. 
  • TEOS Connect – By connecting to Sony’s BRAVIA Professional Display platform, you can present and create efficient collaborative workspaces. 
  • TEOS Mobile – This employee mobile application allows you to book rooms remotely without connecting to the employee network. 
  • TEOS TV – This feature puts corporate TV at your fingertips, allowing you to capture meetings, presentations, and company updates. 
  • TEOS Wayfinding – This add on allows for easy navigation and booking using access key information, hotspot, and secure location. Works with floating desks for seamless integration into the work environment. 
  • TEOS Video Wall – Easily integrate and synchronize video wall content using the Android BRAVIA platform. 
  • Device capabilities – Easy integration and management with videoconferencing devices. 
  • Languages – The platform is available in 12 languages. 

The Sony TEOS suite also includes Room Booking, Mirroring, Sign-in, and tablet solutions that allow seamless integration across the workplace management solutions platform. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that improves efficiency and employee collaboration, the Sony TEOS is it. 

Why Invest in Workplace Management Solutions?

According to the Harvard Business Review, the key to building effective and successful remote organizations is data. Now that COVID has forced many businesses to adapt to remote work, virtual office solutions are now a necessity. That means decision making must be dispersed and decentralized through the effective use of data. The days of gathering everyone in a room to come to a solution is no longer feasible. Flexibility and decentralization must be incorporated through workspaces so that important and strategic business collaboration can take place from anywhere in the world. 

Virtual office solutions have been around for a long time. In the past 5 years, flexible workplace options have grown 40% and are expected to continue. Currently, more than 77% of businesses use a combination of open, private, and individual workspaces to increase workplace productivity. Now more than ever, remote work has become commonplace and between 80-90% of workers would like to work remotely at least part-time. The Millennial generation, also labeled as “digital natives” will make up the majority of the workforce by 2030. Making this flexibility available will have a significant long term impact on worker productivity and engagement and keep your business at the forefront of the competitive landscape. 

What does this mean for you? Agility and timely responsiveness can be prioritized using virtual office solutions. As workspaces become increasingly digital, workplace management solutions provide the ability to pivot quickly in times of crisis. The COVID quarantine has clearly demonstrated the importance of having remote work options in place to continue business operations as usual. 

Talk to an AV Expert Today

Are you ready to take that next step in buying complete office solutions for your business? We are ready when you are and can help you find the best solution for your business budget. With easy and flexible financing options, we can get workplace management solutions implemented in a timely manner. We work with Marlin Financing to provide equipment leasing and purchasing so you don’t have to tap into your business capital. We’ve partnered with over 300,000 small businesses like yours to provide customized business solutions. Here are the advantages of financing with us: 

  • 100% financing
  • Fast processing
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Tax benefits
  • Flexible terms

We are committed to providing timely and affordable financing for our customers and look forward to helping your business grow. Upgrade your workplace management solutions software with our AV experts. We provide training, maintenance, and customer service support that will get your business up and running quickly. Our no-cost installation policy gives you the opportunity to take advantage of firmware and software updates at no additional cost. 

We serve a wide range of markets including corporate, government, higher education, K-12, hospitality, healthcare, residential, and worship. Our seasoned and certified consultants will walk you through workplace management solutions options that fit your business and your budget. With a combined experience of over 2 decades, our AV experts are trusted resources for providing AV products and solutions. Most recently, the CCS Southwest family of companies located in Scottsdale, Tucson, and Albuquerque was ranked as one of the top commercial audiovisual companies in the country by the Commercial Integrator Magazine. From interactive whiteboards to home automation and everything between, we are the go-to for audiovisual solutions, training, and maintenance. 

Talk to an AV consultant today about complete office solutions today! 

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