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The quarantine has placed a renewed need for improved classroom audio amplification systems. Although many schools are closed right now with students learning from home, enhanced virtual learning tools will become the new norm inside the classroom. Educators will be wearing masks and relying heavily on effective classroom speaker systems. Now is the perfect time to prepare and install audio amplification systems before schools reopen again. Both K – 12 and higher education can benefit from a new classroom sound system and other audiovisual technology that enriches student engagement. At the end of the day, safety for all students is the first priority and we are committed to delivering quality audiovisual equipment to ensure that.

Why Do Audio Amplification Systems Matter in the Classroom

Classroom audio amplification systems come in a variety of configurations. Meaning, they aren’t just limited to the traditional school bell and PA systems you have become accustomed to. Now, they can include tools for auditory learning, interactive learning, and visual presentation setups. They are accompanied by a number of accessories and storage for easy transport. We understand the importance of integrating these technologies for an enhanced learning experience. 

Better audio amplification systems for the classroom translate to better learning. With so many exceptional brand options, there is no limit to classroom enhancement. However, if you need a little inspiration, we have a few innovation options you may want to check out: 

  • Video Walls – Large classrooms can get the most value out of installing video walls. They are highly recommended for higher education environments where seating is perfect for theatrical and conference settings. Video walls are great for a backdrop, improved note-taking, and better lesson emphasis. Tablets can be configured to integrate with the video walls and display poll results and video communication platforms. 
  • Cloud Computing – When cloud computing platforms are set up, students can safely submit assignments and save work. This will cut down on any dogs eating homework or other mysterious vanishing tricks students may come up with. Additionally, students can have instant access to their grades and make adjustments accordingly. As an educator, real-time improvements for students are top of mind and cloud computing enhances the learning experience with instant access. 

  • 3D Printing Technology – There’s no experience quite like using 3D printers and software that helps students learn STEM principles. With an advanced classroom speaker system, students can become immersed in a history lesson or engineering project like never before. 
  • Classroom Infrastructure – A digital auditorium is the next level of classroom audio amplification systems and you should have one. It will give you incredible access to art screens, lighting, seating arrangements, and much more for classrooms and events. You’ll want only the best classroom speaker system to integrate with other technology within the classroom infrastructure. We can help you with this!

What Are My Classroom Sound System Options

There’s no mistaking excellent audio in a classroom speaker system. You’ll be able to hear the teacher loud and clear above any classroom noise and from any location within the classroom. We accomplish this through reinforcing sound through an installed system. Evenly distributed speakers throughout the classroom ensure that a teacher’s voice is heard clearly through a mask while wearing a mask. 

There are also portable audio amplification systems options with built-in voice amplification that allow educators and speakers to move from room to room with no interruption in sound clarity. It is proven to improve clarity even while wearing a mask and perfect for classrooms not equipped with audio amplification systems. Sound reinforcement solutions can take many forms but here’s a quick review of the components of a first-class audio amplification system: 

  • All in one systems 
  • Amplifiers / Receivers 
  • Wireless infrared microphones 
  • Accessories 

While all in one systems usually include a microphone, mouse, and other wireless connectivity, components are sold separately as well. Amplifiers, receivers, microphones, and other accessories can be sold separately if you don’t need the whole setup. Whether you’re looking for a higher education installation or K – 12, we understand the importance of quality and efficiency for your students.

The MAARS Project and What That Means for You

There is a clear science behind classroom audio and the MAARS project was evidence of this. If you’re unfamiliar with the MAARS project, also referred to as the Mainstream Amplification Resource Room Study, it was a 3-year project showing the use of a wireless microphone system for sound amplification of a teacher’s voice to enhance instruction, lesson voice fatigue, and improve student performance. The findings were extraordinary. Here’s a brief summary of what they found: 

  • Students with minor hearing impairments who learn in an amplified environment perform significantly on standardized tests and reading and language. 
  • 85 – 95% of students said the amplified sound system was beneficial to improving their ability to hear and help in schoolwork. 
  • 90% of education administrators surveyed reported positive responses assessing the effectiveness of sound system use. 
  • 80 – 95% of teachers reported the sound system beneficial to their students and themselves for improved teaching and quality of instruction. 
  • students had better production and on-task behaviors. 
  • Superior performance was reported in word analysis, vocabulary, math concepts, computation, and reading. 
  • Fewer teacher absences due to fatigue and laryngitis. 
  • Students were more relaxed and responded quicker. 
  • ESL students experienced significant improvement in understanding ability. 

It’s pretty clear that when students can hear the lesson clearly with a great classroom sound system, learning flourishes and research confirms it. Classroom audio amplification systems don’t just help students with hearing loss, they help all students experience significant educational gains. When you tie in technological enhancements into the classroom, you can create an immersive experience of learning like no other. 

Installing audio amplification systems in every classroom is beneficial for both students and educators alike. Students are able to hear the lesson from anywhere in the classroom and teachers can rest their vocal cords. Sound enhancement systems work by transferring audio from the microphone to the receiver and to an amplifier that carries the sound to the speakers throughout the room. Although the MAARS project took place years ago, the results are even more valid today with the increase in virtual learning platforms and the use of advanced technology in classrooms. Now, with the requirement of masks, teachers will need enhanced sound systems more than ever before. 

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You’ll notice that our advanced technology and training is adaptable to continuously meet your classroom needs for the long term. We also provide an Arizona Education Solutions Guide on our website that will provide in-depth information about our education solutions. We cover everything from tech on campus to the use of augmented reality technology, our training consultants have you covered. Ask us about our sound and PA systems or The Essential STEM Cart for collaborative learning. With locations in Tucson, Scottsdale, and Albuquerque, we are just a phone call away. 

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