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Home Automation technology brings the power of smart technology and AV integration into the privacy, and comfort, of the home. You can trust the CCS HOME team to bring your home to life, with cutting-edge technology such as:  CCS HOME also offers the convenience and peace of mind with home security and surveillance.

  • Lighting control
  • Climate control
  • Audio/Video distribution
  • Remote monitoring
  • Home security and surveillance


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Professional immersive solution for large video wall with 4 displays, each between 55” and 103”.Create a professional media installation in your home, based on a strong visual aesthetic and the “Slow Movement” Basic idea. Windows To The World will take your guests on a mind stroll through beautiful landscapes.


As the leader in OLED televisions, LG designs OLED TVs that will transform your space – and your life. With their sleek, stylish designs, and innovative features, like AI ThinQ® technology and LG’s newest processors, they’re beautiful, smart, fast and powerful – and will elevate your home entertainment experience.


Discover a new way to connect and improve your morning routine with Séura SMART Technology. Seamlessly incorporate your preferred SMART Technology into a custom bathroom vanity design with a broad suite of customization options.

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  • Tom Holmberg
    Tom Holmberg Sales Executive
    What is the best Home Automation System?

    CCS offers the best home automation systems from Crestron, to Savant, Control 4, and more.

    How do I make my home a Smart Home?

    The best way to make your home a Smart Home is to reach out to home automation professionals for full and professional capabilities.

    What are the benefits of Home Automation?

    Home automation provides accessibility, giving you the ability to monitior and change devices from across a room or even away from your home, with the push of a button you can have custom lighting or climate control. Home automation provides ultimate efficency in all aspects of a home.

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