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ASK Proxima originated from Europe and is now recognised as a leading display imaging international brand consisting of a wide range of professional and commercial projectors. ASK Proxima with almost 25 years in existence was established in 1986 and by ASK of Norway, is now owned by AMT [Advanced Micro-Display Technologies Co.,Ltd. ASK was then the global R&D leader of LCD display panels. In 1991, the ASK brand was taken over by Tandberg Data (the world’s leading memory products manufacturer at the time) which later collaborated with Polaroid to launch the manufacturing of multimedia LCD projectors under the brand “For Polaroid – by ASK”, thus establishing a sales distribution network throughout Europe and Asia. In 1998, Proxima’s “merger” with ASK was simply ASK acquiring Proxima at the time. This was a grand deal for them, due to Proxima’s significant financial position, zero debt, and a high rate of Proxima sales. Proxima paid ASK’s investment costs off in an incredibly short amount of time. InFocus acquired Proxima in 2000; in the same year, InFocus happened to be the #1 largest supplier/manufacturer for projectors. Second only to Proxima ASA.  In early 2006, InFocus Corporation (then became the world’s second largest projector manufacturer) acquired Proxima ASA and re-launched the brand as ASK Proxima. In mid 2007, AMT acquired the SMT [In Focus technology park in China] as well as ASK Proxima brand in early 2011.

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