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what-are-digital-signage-solutionsThis is an unprecedented time in our country’s history. There will come a time – hopefully soon – when everyone will be back together again in person. We encourage business owners to take advantage of this time to make improvements to their locations to get them ready for the return of their customers. 

The age of digital signage is upon us and we couldn’t be any more excited about it! The limitless options and the potential for boosting sales are more than enough to make the smart move for businesses to invest in digital signage systems. You’ve probably noticed an increase in digital billboards as you’ve made your way through the mall or your favorite take out restaurant or bar. It’s eye-catching, sharp, and incredibly effective at keeping your attention. As a business owner, you may have been wondering how that all works and what it can do for your business. We have a few answers for you. 

Static Is Out, Digital Is In

Digital signage solutions are the wave of the future for business advertising. It is a billboard that displays images that are manipulated by a computer every few seconds and most often used for advertising. Typically, a management system is used to schedule content, images, and video. All data is stored in a distribution server and sent to the signage remotely. It can be cloud-based or premise-based. Both are incredibly easy to maintain but have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Cloud-based – The beauty of the internet knows no bounds and cloud-based digital signage is a great example of this. Content is saved on a server in the cloud, allowing you to edit and upload from anywhere in the world. The upfront costs for installing cloud-based digital signage are low but the ongoing expenses of maintenance are still present. Software updates and features are typically included and rolled out automatically. There is not a need for much IT support and an unlimited number of screens can be supported. It’s scalable and all you need is an internet connection. 
  • A premise based – Also referred to as onsite digital signage, the software is hosted by the company which controls the system. Onsite signage solutions usually have higher upfront installation costs and little to no ongoing expenses. All data is hosted on a server you will need to build or buy. However, you have complete control over when and if any updates or features are needed. You will need local IT support but it can also support an unlimited amount of screens. This method is also scalable with an internet connection. 

Why Use Digital Signage Systems?

Innovation and being on the cutting edge is a competitive advantage and that’s what digital signage offers. Business owners and marketers alike agree that digital options provide a whole new level of opportunity and exposure. There a few key points we’d like to highlight that makes digital signage unique: 

  1. Customization – Since you will be determining where you’ll be placing your billboard, you can use the information available about the demographics of an area to customize your message. If a particular product is popular in that environment, you can configure your message to compliment this product or service with an appropriate reminder. Display the product and benefits distinctly for your target audience and set the tone. This is also referred to as narrowcasting. Make adjustments to your message to include ongoing specials or offers to create the feeling that you are speaking directly to your customers. 
  2. Content – Let’s face it. Producing content through traditional, static avenues is costly. However, digital signage content creation and distribution is quick and easy. When you want to make last-minute changes, they can be made immediately at no cost. They also provide vibrant messaging that is engaging to customers. 

What CCS Southwest Offers in Digital Signage

We offer the best in AV technology and digital signage solutions are no different. NEC Professional Display Solutions and Brightsign Digital Solutions are two of our best and recommended options for business owners in all industries. For those looking for the highest quality in digital advertising, check out these options: 

  • NEC – The V Series Large Format Displays are perfect for numerous industries. The NEC V Series provides a superior design with a customer focus that allows for clear and detailed imagery. The new contemporary and slim mechanical design with focused aesthetics allows for smooth and stylish integration into whatever environment it is placed in. NEC Digital Signage Displays come with an integrated media player, industrial-strength premium-grade panel, and a full three-year commercial warranty. 
  • BrightSign – A global leader in digital signage, BrightSign digital signage is known for its exceptional reliability and quality of cloud-based signage. The BSN cloud delivers an innovative, secure, and scalable platform with varying levels of player, network, and content management services. Owners will have complete content access and control from anywhere at any time. With user-friendly features and plentiful presentation options, you can build multi-zone screen layouts, multi-screen corporate video conferencing walls and so much more. 

Consult with an AV Specialist Today

Cloud-based digital signage solutions may be perfect for your business if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and easy to use marketing option to connect with new and existing customers.
If you prefer to make the larger investment upfront with little ongoing costs, onsite options may work better for you. Whatever you chose to move forward with, we are here to answer any and all questions along the way. Our seasoned AV sales specialists can provide two decades of industry and product insight that can help you make the best decision for your business. 

Customers want engagement and interaction. Give them what they are looking for by reaching them through effective digital signage. Check out our website today and give us a call to talk about options. We’ll take it from there!

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