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the-five-best-free-video-conferencing-appsWith so many options for your business, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of free video conferencing apps that have recently flooded the market. Currently valued at over three billion dollars, the video conference space is booming and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. This industry is expected to continue to expand through 2025 so it’s safe to say that making the adjustment to virtual meetings should take place now. Virtual meetings contribute to faster decision making by eliminating travel costs and time. 

What business doesn’t want to save money and increase efficiency? We know you’re one of those businesses that are always looking for a way to maximize your budget and improve productivity. That’s why we’ve taken the time to provide you with a list of the best free video conferencing apps out there right now. As leading AV professionals, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality audio and visual experiences and expertise. Let us show you how keeping your business on the cutting edge of the best AV technology can enhance collaboration and interaction. 

Video Conferencing Market Background

According to a new report in PRNewswire, the video conferencing market is expected to be close to 6.3 billion dollars by 2026. The increasing rapid economic growth of numerous countries has led to the quick advancement of technology. As a result, globalization has played a crucial role in the explosive expansion and growth of this space. Presently, the video conferencing space is geographically divided including North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe. Strategic partnerships and increased foreign investments have led to increasingly innovative products that have catapulted the availability of video conference products on the market. Bloomberg reports that cloud-based options are gaining more traction as a result of increased security and lower operating costs. This has been especially helpful for virtual reality, telemedicine, and online education sectors. Some of the major players in this market are: 

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco 
  • Adobe
  • Panasonic
  • Huawei
  • Logitech

Keyboard TypingList of the Five Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

In these rapidly changing times with the current quarantine in place as a result of the coronavirus, is your company equipped to utilize virtual meeting software? Now is the time to put those capabilities in place. This shouldn’t be a temporary fix or option for your company but a long-term investment that you will eventually see in your bottom line. So, let’s take a look at the free options available to you right now: 

  1. Zoom – This free version of the app allows up to 100 people to be on a conference call for a duration of 40 minutes. All users with a free account have access to meet on the platform with full video and screen sharing. If you want to keep all conferences brief and to the point, this is a great option. Upgrading to the paid plan option will remove these restrictions. The platform allows you to connect via the internet from any laptop, desktop computer, tablet, iPhone or Android device. Users can also simply call into the meetings or watch a recording of the video and audio later. 
  2. Google Hangouts (Meet) – This is a very popular and easily accessible platform for most users. If you have a Google account, you already have access to this free option. You join the meeting easily through a shareable link with the ability to stream Google video to up to 100,000 viewers. Right now, Google has relaxed many of the current restrictions on the Hangouts (Meet) app in response to the coronavirus health crisis so users can have up to 250 participants till July 1. 
  3. Cisco – Popular on educational platforms, Webex supports up to 100 participants for an unlimited amount of time. With no limits on the number of calls placed and one GB of cloud storage with your free account, you have screen sharing, file sharing, and video conferencing capabilities. This video conferencing platform can also be used on Android and iPhone phones, as well as a desktop app. 
  4. Skype – Get a free Skype download on your computer or on your iPhone or Android. Also a very popular option, it is available for up to 50 participants for free. The only limitation of this app is that everyone will have to download the Skype app to use it. With cloud-based call recording features, any participant can trigger the option and share it for up to 30 days. 
  5. Jitsi – Maybe a lesser-known option, this free video conferencing option offers unlimited participants for an unlimited duration with no paid features or upgrades needed. Jitsi offers the same features of video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording for iPhone, Android, and desktop use. Complete flexibility is the main highlight of this option. 

Free Video Conferencing Is the New Normal

The Business Insider has noted that best video conferencing service have been downloaded 62 million times recently due to the impact of COVID-19. The increase in remote work has forced businesses to make immediate, temporary adjustments to how collaboration and interaction take place. However, we suggest this should be a regular part of how you operate your business to continue to reap the benefits of decreased costs and increased productivity. 

Google is providing free access to everyone to all of its enhanced offerings until July 1st. This is meant to help schools and businesses impacted by the coronavirus crisis. With so many students and professionals needing to remain connected from home, Google Hangouts (Meet) provides a smooth transition with access to the Google Suite of Sheets, Docs, and Drive. With a share feature, it’s easier than ever to stay on task. 

Google Hangouts (Meet) competitor Zoom, has also made recent adjustments to its platform during this time. They’ve removed time limits on their free products and have seen a global increase in active users this year compared to previous years. Utilizing the password protection feature will keep your meetings private and secure. 

Are You Set Up to Maximize Free Video Conferencing?

are-you-set-up-to-maximize-free-video-conferencingWe service both businesses and educational institutions. Our cumulative experience and seasoned AV professionals understand the needs of these sectors, especially in these critical times. By integrating a top-quality AV system with a free video-conferencing platform, your organization will be set up for long term success. Now is the time to act and ensure your workplace is equipped for virtual meetings and global collaboration. Using a keen understanding of the end-user, our design engineers know how to create the best solution for your space. We focus on proper installation to avoid issues later while combining hundreds of AV products for a seamlessly integrated system. 

Since 1991, we’ve been committed to corporate video conferencing, government, and education industries. We provide full-service integration services that can combine the flexibility of free video conferencing capabilities with an exceptional presentation of LCD displays, digital projectors, audio systems, and high definition video conferencing add-ons. Whether you have a small meeting or large conference approaching, CCS Southwest will keep you on the cutting edge of these technologies for both the present and the future. 

We are a trusted resource in the AV industry with nearly three decades of expertise. Check out our website and give us a call for a virtual consultation today!

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