AV Sales

CCS Southwest is proud to have our expert team of sales representatives to help you with your A/V needs.

  • Abe Assad
    Abe Assad VP of Sales
  • Lance Howell
    Lance Howell Commercial
  • Jeff Schultz
    Jeff Schultz K-12
  • Tony Piowarsy
    Tony Piowarsy Higher Ed & Commercial
  • Allen George
    Allen George Tucson Commercial Sales
  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall Tucson Commercial Sales
  • Carol Cristiani
    Carol Cristiani Tucson Commercial Sales
  • Jen Huff
    Jen Huff K-12 & Commercial
  • Paul Wells
    Paul Wells Higher Ed & Commercial
  • Donna Miller
    Donna Miller Inside Sales
  • Melanie Piowarsy
    Melanie Piowarsy Commercial & K-12
  • Cassie Wells
    Cassie Wells Commercial & Corporate /Sales OQ



To the end-user, the experience is seamless; to the integrator, the intricate and involved process to arrive at the seamless state is the experience. We send an audio visual representative with a quarter century of expertise to meet the needs of any project, huge or humble, and are trained to take the time to really understand the application of the room and how it will impact others.

  • John Steineke
    John Steineke Engineering Manager
  • Winston Fagan
    Winston Fagan Project Management
  • John Vargas
    John Vargas Project Management


CCS Southwest is pleased to provide professional electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our on-staff licensed electricians and journeyman installers can meet all of the needs of your commercial business or home. CCS Electrical offers installation of: circuits, panels, switches, outlets, lighting and LED retrofits, with quality assurance.

  • Trey Kennard
    Trey Kennard Electrical Manager

Home Automation

Home Automation technology brings the power of smart technology and AV integration into the privacy, and comfort, of the home.You can trust the CCS HOME team to bring your home to life, with cutting-edge technology such as lighting control, climate control, audio/video distribution, remote monitoring, and more. CCS HOME also offers the convenience and peace of mind with home security and surveillance.

  • Travis Ferger
    Travis Ferger Director of Home Automation
  • Brad Jacks
    Brad Jacks Sales & Senior Technology Consultant


CCS trains more than 5,000 participants each year throughout the United States
The CCS Scottsdale Training Center offers a variety of regularly scheduled classes to instruct and promote the use of interactive whiteboards & projectors, BYOD (bring your own device), audience response systems, tablets and more. Follow-up courses for aggressive product/systems training, and one-on-one consulting is also available for optimal implementation.
Live Remote Training— The award-winning CCS Training Department provides live interactive training sessions from our headquarters in Scottsdale. Customers will attend a privately scheduled session as a group from their location, in a room outfitted with the hardware/software necessary for the class, where participants will be able to see the CCS instructor teach, ask questions live and show off their own skills!

  • Lindsey Baker
    Lindsey Baker Trainer/Education Consultant & K-12

Service & Maintenance

CCS Service ensures audiovisual integrity, providing quality service for all of your AV equipment.
Download the CCS Service Brochure here (add download link for PDF brochure)

  • Mandy Brehm
    Mandy Brehm Scottsdale Service
  • Nora Nunez
    Nora Nunez Tucson Service
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