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The coronavirus pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us but it has also encouraged some innovation. One of the latest technological advances to come from quarantine includes an infrared temperature sensing tablet produced by Aurora Multimedia Corp. This unique and AV industry-leading device is the first of its kind and is the end result of a creative partnership with Glory Star. Beyond the hygienic protection of masks and gloves, the TTS-10 comes just in time, as mandatory restrictions are being eased across the US for the duration of the pandemic. 

What Is the Aurora Temperature Sensing Tablet?

The revolutionary Aurora temperature sensing tablet, also called the TTS-10, comes in 2 sizes that include 15.6in and 21.5in. It provides alerts when an individual’s temperature is high within 1 meter. This additional layer of screening protection utilizes incredibly accurate touchless infrared technology developed in Germany. Its advanced algorithm allows for heat signature detection and calculating while maintaining mandatory hygiene protocols. Additionally, multiple devices can be tracked by a single user. 

This all takes place within 1 second. 

And that’s not all. There will be upgrade options available in the future that will include facial recognition and AV systems integration with the ReAx IP Control proprietary and Linux-based operating system. Other upgrades that will become available include: 

  • Visual integration
  • Thermal and photo results available via email
  • Digital signage
  • Integration of ReAx platform with third parties

How AV Systems Integration Makes This Possible

AV systems integration plays a key role in the efficiency of the TTS-10. Simply put, AV systems integration refers to the fusion of audio and visual equipment for an improved viewing and listening experience. From the boardroom to the classroom, audiovisual integration has become an essential part of streamlining productivity, safety, training, and other processes. This technology is not strictly limited to meetings and conference calls. Other elements can be combined for more robust use like interfaces, projectors, cameras, displays, and control systems. The mix of sound and vision elevates each element while creating a distinctive experience. 

Nowadays, organizations are operating globally. That’s why AV systems integration is so relevant. It allows colleagues to connect and collaborate in different geographic locations. The better the audio and visual integration, the smoother business runs. You can say goodbye to missing information or inefficient audio with data sharing products, definition displays, and multi-person audio calls backed by the best AV brands in the business. That’s what we do. 

As a leader in the AV industry, CCS Southwest has been serving customers in corporate, government, and education sectors for 29 years and counting. We provide full-service audio and visual integration, installation, training, and maintenance of digital projectors and displays, interactive whiteboards, automation, and high definition video conferencing. systems. Specifically, we work in several markets, including: 

  • Corporate – Having the right high-quality technology fosters training, collaboration, and community by integrating various technologies to produce original design ideas meant to streamline organizational processes. 
  • Government – A sector that calls for efficiency, order, and durability, CCS continues to deliver on decades of advanced training and seamless communication using implementation strategies that meet governmental demands. 
  • K-12 – Our children are the future and we understand that schools are constantly evolving on limited budgets. Our AV integration systems are built durable with the youth in mind. 
  • Higher Education – With experience working with Arizona’s top schools that include GCU, NAU, ASU, and UoA, we integrate the latest technology to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Hospitality –  We are the perfect solution to meet your hospitality needs using touch-based systems and audiovisual enhancements for the ultimate relaxing experience. 
  • Healthcare – Combined with our understanding of ADA regulations and adaptive capabilities, our AV integration systems enhance healthcare communications systems. We understand the urgency of health-related issues and partner with you to develop tailor-made AV systems to fit your needs. 
  • Residential – If you’re looking for luxury home automation, look no further. We partner with interior designers and residential architects to bring your home to life. 
  • Worship –  The right AV system integration will ensure your congregation receives the message and ministry you deliver. 

AV Integration and Aurora Temperature Check Tablets

AV can enhance technology by bringing the world to the palm of your hand. The Aurora Temperature Check Tablets bring the capability of checking heat-sensing results from a safe distance. This is invaluable during the current coronavirus quarantine of which mandatory social distancing restrictions have been placed on how we communicate with each other. The added layer of protection is meant to preserve the most important assets, and that’s you. 

The Aurora Temperature Check Tablets can be used for multiple markets as a checkpoint before consumers and employees enter a building. While gloves and masks are still mandatory in most areas of the country, the heat-sensing tablet is the only option that allows you to check for high temperatures at a safe distance. 

This innovation does come with value-added optional upgrades and hardware expansion; ensuring you get the highest value for your investment. Graphical user interfaces and advanced logic software are all components of AV systems integration. This is the future of technology. 

Aurora products are state of the art technologies that are produced in house for AV enhancement. Since 1998, the brand has been flexible and innovative with the ability to quickly meet consumer demand with consumer budgets in mind. All products are offered with a 3-year warranty, with additional extended warranties for various product lines. To date, Aurora’s IP control systems and touch panel displays have made them a force to be reckoned with in the AV industry. 

What CCS Southwest Has to Offer

Have a question? We’re happy to help. We offer a variety of AV solutions to fit your needs: 

  • AV equipment sales – Our experienced sales team has the expertise and experience to meet any of your product needs for any sector. 
  • Integration – Our integration process is seamless and takes the complexity out of AV systems for our end users. The team of engineers and project managers is here to create a unique and tailor-made space especially for you. 
  • Electrical – We provide electrical installation, repair, and maintenance so you can rest easy. Our team of licensed electricians can handle all of your residential and commercial electrical needs. 
  • Home automation – Bring the power and convenience of smart technology to your home and watch your life change for the better. Using cutting edge technology, you’ll find peace of mind with features like home security and surveillance. 
  • Training/professional development – With over 5000 participants each year in the US, our live remote training and development options are easily accessible and highly valuable. 
  • Service and maintenance – We are with you till the end. After installation, we are available to ensure AV cohesion and maintenance. 

So, whether you are looking for an Aurora temperature tablet or looking to upgrade your home with smart technology, we are here to help you with that transition. We offer an extended manufacturer’s labor warranty, scheduled onsite maintenance visits, unlimited remote helpdesk availability, detailed maintenance reports, services by trained and certified AV techs, and much more! Check out our website to download the latest brochure to see all of our offerings and contact us today!

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