NEC Professional Displays Solutions

The new V Series Large Format Displays from NEC are a perfect fit for many industries; find out how you can successfully address the needs of the five major business sectors…


Digital Signage

Retail signage has become an essential part of the in-store concept where it provides relevant and context-aware information to buyers, boosting sales through interactivity, the integration of mobile devices and sensor based interaction. The display brightness of 500 cd/m² combined with an anti-glare surface to reduce reflections effectively provides effortless readability under common ambient light conditions in retail showrooms and sales counters. The elegant and slimline design provides a sense of style and prestige whilst ensuring the advertising message is well received.

nec short throw projector


NEC Short Throw Projector

NEC’s superior line of projectors consists of both multimedia projectors, providing crystal-clear images for large and small spaces and digital cinema projectors, offering incredible clarity and detail with total fidelity for theaters. With numerous 4K UHD, the best of Solid State Light Sources, NEC prides itself on partnering with you, to deliver customized solutions to meet your needs.

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