Presentation Equipment

The food industry can be one of the most challenging industries to work in. There are countless sports bars and family restaurants in the market, so standing out amongst the competition can be hard. It takes something that everyone wants to draw a crowd. Great food and fair prices aren’t enough. Sports bars, in particular, need drinks and entertainment in order to get people in the doors during special events such as playoffs. Without Digital Signage & Displays, it would be almost impossible to have a full house during sports events.

Programming Packages

Making the most of Sports Bar Screens isn’t hard. Most cable providers offer packages to suit the needs of any restaurant with multiple screens. These packages include access to several different kinds of programming that would be appropriate in a business. This could mean sports events such as The Super Bowl, Final Four, or the World Cup. It could also mean news programming and even family-friendly programming like kids shows and movies. However, casting to dozens of screens in a bar would require networking between the screens and the video input.

Matrix Switching Video Solutions

It’s not enough to simply offer screens for viewing. To provide an immersive experience, the screens need to be larger than life and offer amazing clarity. Watching the big game on TV is fun, but it’s something else altogether to see it on a huge screen with friends and have a few drinks. This kind of experience isn’t possible with a typical A/V solution. A large and more powerful video matrix is needed. Providers such as CCS Presentation Systems can help restaurant owners find the ideal solution to draw in crowds on big nights.

Video Integration

Digital displays and screens aren’t just for watching television programming. Some of the most successful restaurants have started using digital signage inside their waiting areas and even at the tables. Restaurant Menus can be converted into video solutions in order to provide a more immersive experience when customers are ordering. Videos played alongside menu selections can entice customers and provide a controlled marketing strategy. Competitor ads won’t be played in the restaurant, only the videos and media the business owner approves of. Tablets at the tables can also play videos and provide a more intimate video playback option for couples who want to enjoy a film with their dinner.

Commercial Audio Video Integration allows video to be played on any screen throughout the store. By using a series of switches to build a network of video outputs and video encoding appliances, service providers can create an amazing array of video screens to provide a powerful and unique viewing experience to customers. Everything from customer wait times to overall dining experience can be improved with the right solution.

Business Operations

The video solution doesn’t have to stop at the front of the house. The kitchen can use video solutions to improve order accuracy and more. If the chef doesn’t know the recipe for the dish, it may be possible to simply click the item on the order and pull up all the relevant information. The possibilities are limitless with a little creative thinking and the help of a qualified service provider like CCS Presentation Systems.