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Times are changing for the education system. Both higher education and K – 12 have made drastic adjustments to sanitation and classroom setups to accommodate for COVID – 19 precautions. Schools are set to reopen in the fall and social distancing protocols will be the new norm from now on. For educators and administrators, it will not be business as usual but a continuation of incorporating current virtual learning technology into the new school year. CCS is here to help with AV technology solutions for every school.

What the New Classroom Will Look Like

The quarantine has presented new challenges and opportunities for enhanced learning and student engagement. By combining current technology with social distancing regulations, CCS Southwest remains at the forefront of audiovisual technology in schools. You’ll notice that school districts around the country are stepping up and taking specific measures to keep students safe at school, including: 

  • Sanitizing Stations – School districts around the country have installed portable antimicrobial hand sanitizing stations to continue to promote proper hygiene and help slow the spread of COVID – 19. These stations contain antimicrobial sanitizer that kills viruses and bacteria with an active ingredient called ethyl alcohol. 
  • Temperature Checks – A temperature check for middle school students is quickly becoming part of the regular routine in most public places where large groups of people gather together in confined spaces. Schools have made the temperature check for middle students part of the new norm. 
  • Face Masks – These have been in use since the beginning of quarantine but they will continue to be a critical part of fighting the coronavirus. All students, educators, administrators, and school personnel will be required to wear face masks or face shields. This is for everyone’s protection. 

Additionally, you will see other major changes taking place. Students may not be packing into a cafeteria anymore but served lunch at their desks to maintain safe social distancing. A temperature check for middle school students will be a regular occurrence in almost every school. Sanitizing stations will be everywhere. Many schools are staggering these regulations using rotating schedules and adding days to the typical school year to make up for lost time. One thing that remains consistent is the reliance on digital technology to create the proper learning environment during these unpredictable times. 

Solutions for the Classroom

According to the Center for Disease Control guidance, these new regulations will ensure that students can focus on learning within a safe environment. Some schools have implemented virtual technology in place of teachers and separate from the main campus to prevent from opening the campus and spreading the virus. New technology can be used in collaboration with teaching lessons to promote social distancing and hygiene. When making a decision on how to enhance your classroom environment, you can trust us to meet all of your school’s design and equipment needs. To help get you started, you should take a look at some of these options on the market now: 

  • Tablets – Integrating touch display technology with an interactive projector or board is a highly effective way to teach your students. It allows educators to manipulate content while students view the same material on a larger screen. Tablets encourage front face teaching that allows for easily shareable content. One of the best features about the use of integrated tablet technology is the use of a single cable for power, audio, and video. ViewSonic has an impressive 24 inch HD touch screen tablet with 60-degree tilt functionality that’s perfect for the classroom. Tablets and specialized software are also being utilized as a temperature check for middle school students. 
  • Interactive Displays & Whiteboards – Using an interactive display tied to the cloud makes collecting, editing, categorizing, and sharing notes with the classroom a breeze. Mobile devices can be in sync with whiteboard technology to allow students to follow along seamlessly. EZWrite offers a dynamic whiteboard that offers dual pens for drawing or writing, handwriting recognition technology, brushstroke technology for creatives, the ability to change colors and backgrounds easily, and a floating tool that allows teachers to write over any website, app, or image. 
  • Smart Systems – Wireless broadcasting systems are incredibly effective because they push alerts, messages, and announcements in classrooms. What makes these systems different is that they send notifications immediately allowing you to manage classroom time content and broadcast it from any device. X – sign Broadcast takes this feature a step further with the ability to send messages to a select group of devices in a single classroom or the whole school. 
  • Air Quality – Learning efficiency can be severely affected by bad air quality for students who suffer from chronic health conditions. Classroom air quality software allows educators to make the necessary adjustments for a safe and healthy learning environment. BenQ Air Quality Sensors provides real-time information about the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels of a classroom. The sensors send alerts to make these adjustments that help to ensure students remain focused. 
  • Personalized Workspace – Manage your digital personal workspace by adjusting your preferences and settings. BenQ account management software provides three ways to login to make these adjustments that include proprietary cards, QR codes, or entering a username and password. 

New Sanitizing Solutions for Schools

Keeping classrooms sanitized with anti-microbial solutions is the number one priority right now. In case you didn’t know, there are more options for portable hand sanitizing stations nowadays! Many schools are taking advantage of options that are tailored to fit their needs. Some of these options include: 

  • Easels and Carts – These anti-microbial mobiles and convenient carts provide versatility in the classroom. The mobile hand sanitizer stand has a dual purpose and works as a regular classroom chart stand when not in use. Compact carts keep everything you need in one space. 
  • Portable Sinks – Let’s face it. Handwashing is the best and most effective way to kill germs and prevent the coronavirus. Lightweight and portable sinks are perfect when running water isn’t immediately available and are available in small and large sizes. 

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Schools are notorious for working on a limited budget and we understand how to make the most out of school funding in the most efficient way possible while making room for portable hand sanitizing stations. That’s why we offer financing options so you don’t have to choose between a great learning environment and a restricted budget. We have partnered with Marlin Financing to offer financing options to commercial customers throughout the U.S. Regardless of the size of your business, equipment leasing options are available within a plan that is tailored for your budget. Here’s what you can expect when you finance with us: 

  • Fast Processing – We know you’re busy and that’s why most applications are usually processed. 
  • 100% Financing – No collateral needed when you can finance your equipment 100%. 
  • Fixed Monthly Payments – easily upgrade your equipment as your business grows hassle-free. 
  • Flexibility – Choose terms that fit your needs.
  • Tax Benefits – Take advantage of generous IRS savings greater than what you pay in the first year. 
  • Cash Flow – Keep cash flow with easy fixed payments created to fit your business budget. 

To date, we’ve helped over 300,000 small businesses and are ready to help you get to the next level and thrive. Our audiovisual expertise combined with portable hand sanitizing stations and temperature checks for middle school students is a winning ticket! Our seasoned consultants are experts in providing training and expertise to higher education and K – 12 markets and realize that the coronavirus has changed the way we all do business. We are here to help guide you every step of the way to make your classroom into a safe haven for learning. 

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