• Q: I have a connection issue with my interactive whiteboard.  I have a teacher whose board keeps flashing green.  Everything is connected, but we have to restart the computer on a regular basis and continue to lose the connection on a daily basis.  Any suggestions?

    • A:  That definitely sounds like a power/connectivity issue which could be the computer or the board.  You will want to first start with troubleshooting the computer.  It is important to note that with some computers, the USB port could actually go bad over time.  Here are a couple of suggestions to try:
      1. Change the USB cable or trying a different port of the computer. For some reason the power is not being pushed through the USB as it should.  We have tested this before using a different computer to see if it is the computer or the board. In most cases it is the computer USB strength that is the issue. If it is a PC, usually the back of the computer will have the best ports.
      2. Check the length of the USB cable.  If it is longer than 16 feet, you may consider using a powered USB hub to increase the signal strength.
      3. If all of that looks fine and you continue to have the issue, you will then need to contact the manufacturer for hardware support. Make sure you have the latest version of software on the computer before contacting them