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Not long ago, business owners were pretty limited in how they could market their products inside their stores. Entertainment based businesses would have to rely on expensive and unreliable mediums for their content. In short, business owners were limited in what they could do inside their own place of business. Thanks to Audio/Video Over IP, business owners can decide exactly what’s on the screens in their place of business at all times. This can include digital signage as well. Franchise locations can have their menus automatically adjusted for seasonal items, price changes, and new multimedia to play in the background.

Transforming AV over IP

AV over IP isn’t a very new concept. Business owners have had wireless security cameras for years, most of which transmit data over a secure WiFi network. Putting audio and video data through a network to the right devices can take this concept to the next level. Instead of relying on video appliances for security, they can be used to transmit networked AV content that can be shared through displays in the lobby or screens in the break room or training area. Content can also be played from computers of portable devices. It all depends on how the network is configured and what video appliance is used.

Powerful Solutions for Every Company

Newer devices from premiere manufacturer’s such as Kramer Electronics can accomplish some pretty amazing feats. Brand new devices can transmit video content to any destination on the network. This means each location will have access to the same content at the same time no matter what, thanks to cloud computing and a high-quality video appliance. Depending on the model of appliance and the configuration of the network, video resolutions of 4k and up to sixty frames per second video can be streamed instantly with or without compression. Appliances are getting smaller yet more powerful while still maintaining the H.264 quality standard and compression rates.

Flexibility and Adaptive Technology

Service providers such as CCS Presentation Systems know that there’s often more than once answer to an audiovisual problem. Different companies have different ideas of how a solution might come together. All that really matters is that the network can handle the data load. Without a powerful network to support raw video and audio data, everyone in the building could start experiencing lag. Since not everyone has a powerful network, there are ways to work around performance issues. Continuous testing and workflow checks, bottlenecks can be detected and fixed before they become an issue. Most importantly, the system can become more reliable with time.

Compression is often a major issue for networked A/V solutions. Using proper appliances can eliminate bandwidth problems with powerful compression. This is ideal for WiFi networks and other local restrictions that limit speed. Business owners can find information about the latest video appliances online or from their local service provider. An integration service provider can help business owners get the most from their system and turn their place of business into a multimedia rich environment.