2017 is the year of the student!

CCS Presentation Systems brings you…#AV4TF

CCS Presentation Systems’ K-20 program provides Arizona educational facilities, public and private, with a continuous personal and online presence dedicated to the understanding of and access to high quality A/V products and services that are relevant to the education market.

Our application research, product expertise and willingness to work with finance scenarios of all types, schools can really move forward with modern education, sophisticated audio visual equipment and above all time efficiency, that they may have never been able to implement on their own.

We are here to seamlessly integrate your current audio visual system with what’s possible in the future of education.

We connect you to the future!

As one of the largest audio visual integration companies in the country, CCS now brings 25 years of experience and a staff of 85 to the K-12 and higher education (K-20) marketplace.

The K-20 program brings exclusive discounts and product promotions from the world’s top AV manufacturers to learning spaces nationwide, including:

Different types of education entities are developing and for the first time in American education’s history, there is everyday competition for the average school at all ages. Being aware and constantly improving curriculum and delivery effectiveness will be a focus for educators and that focus will be fueled by technology.

The CCS Southwest office has a Product Showcase like no A/V integrator in the nation. Mock scenario rooms illustrate the power of what a small amount of quality A/V equipment and integration can do for any space. Visit the CCS Presentation Systems Scottsdale, Arizona office anytime during business hours to request a tour!

Contact us to schedule a free systems assessment for all your learning spaces or to schedule a tour of the product showcase!

Teachers, IT directors and administrators are tasked with providing the best education to meet the needs of tomorrow. Students entering the education workplace should be educated themselves in the most current applications of communications technology. It makes sense to empower educators! The CCS K-20 program is committed to creating awareness around successful applications of unique A/V solutions and how they transformed their classroom’s learning experience, for students in all ages of the K-20 spectrum.

The CCS K-20 program combines a one-of-a-kind manufacturer product showcase, special events, online education and on-site workshops, as well as access to manufacturer-direct pricing incentives exclusive to CCS.