Mersive Technologies is a leading provider of wireless media streaming
and collaboration solutions. Mersive is the outgrowth of
academic research conducted by CTO and FounderChristopher Jaynes,
PhD and is based in Denver, Colorado.


The Solstice Pod

Solstice removes technical barriers to better collaboration in the meeting room by allowing any number of connected users to share unlimited content. Stream device screens, share videos, post individual application windows, and view web content — bridge them all into your meetings seamlessly with Solstice.

The Solstice Kepler

Coming soon! Get real-time data on all your meeting rooms.With Solstice Kepler, gain invaluable insight into the usage of your Solstice rooms (both Pod and Windows) and be the first to know if anything needs attention. Solstice Kepler is a deployment monitoring and meeting analytics engine that provides real-time alerts, statuses, usage data, and other valuable meeting analytics and data driven insights.


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