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The demand for innovation in fighting coronavirus continues to rise as the country slowly reopens. At CCS Southwest, our AV technology consultants are front and center in that fight to keep you and your customers safe. That’s why we’ve partnered with superior brands to provide the very best in body temperature sensor technology. These devices allow you to see body temperature at kiosks before entering the building. It is just another checkpoint in the efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Body Temperature Sensor Technology

Numerous organizations around the world, from government, corporate, and higher education, are investing in body temperature sensor technology. The market for body temperature sensor technology is booming and is currently in widespread use around the world. Thermal cameras are highly effective at detecting high fevers and are perfect for preventing measures. They are made to read a person’s skin temperature and the best brands can do so from various points on a person’s body. 

Corporate campuses have adopted body temperature sensor technology as a “back to work” practice and work – from – home transition. As your employees return to work, you want to ensure that it is safe to do so through consistent fever screening. Although a body temperature sensor does not detect the coronavirus, it will indicate whether a fever is present. Now it’s easier than ever to get body temperature at kiosks!

CCS Preferred Brands

Tauri Temperature Check tablets are the first line of defense for screening protection against coronavirus. Due to the no-touch infrared technology, they are more hygienic. Multiple devices can be monitored by a single user and they can scan a fever from up to a meter away within 1 second. It is incredibly accurate within 3℃ and a reversible camera with internet capability. Additional benefits include: 

  • HDMI out This tablet has an active HDMI outlet that allows you to see scanned results from a distance.
  • ReAx control processor & interfaceThe ReAx software allows you to create graphical user interfaces and advanced logic using the free software. This allows you to control third-party devices and custom applications. Expansion hardware allows you to expand beyond network protocols. 
  • Digital signagefuture updates will include the ability to use Tauri tablets as a digital signage option and not just a device to get body temperature at kiosks.
  • Value-added features This investment comes with additional features, exclusive optional upgrades, and software expansion capabilities for added value.

Body Temperature Sensor Advantages & Key Features

As noted before, the Tauri Temperature Check Tablets have highly recommended key advantages and features. Traditional temperature guns require the individual to be scanned to be at a close distance. You may have seen these used at your local hospital. The tablets allow for the user to be at a distance. Here’s a detailed snapshot of these benefits: 

  • Masks – The tablet can accurately scan those individuals that are wearing a mask, which allows for strict control of visitors. It also encourages people to pass by quickly, further avoiding contact and infection. 
  • Distance -The long-distance measurement accuracy allows for scanning at safer distances, preventing the transmission of coronavirus. 
  • Operational modes – Face recognition records are simultaneously recorded and traced, which are useful for inspections and secondary screenings. The tablets can operate in different modes that include: 
    • Temperature check & face visitor detection record mode
    • Face visitor attendance & temperature check mode 
    • Face visitor detection access control & temperature check mode
    • For the last operational mode, it can be combined with the environment it is placed in and installed at the entryway for a quicker response from inspectors. 
  • Design – With an industrial and durable appearance, you’ll enjoy a stable, reliable dustproof and waterproof design. Models come in various sizes including 10’, 15’, and 21. 5’ with a Quad-core 1.8GHz processor and LCD. 
  • Pixels – The megapixel camera and wide image sensor provide a clear and precise collection of all characteristics.
  • Mounts – You have options! Depending on your specific needs and the environment you are placing your tablet in, you have your choice of WMT – wall mount, DTM – desktop mount, DTM – 2 desktop mount, and the floor stand. 

Industry Trends in Body Temperature Sensor Market 

Last year, the body temperature sensor market reached $7 billion and is predicted to continue to grow between now and 2026. This massive expansion is the result of the coronavirus outbreak prompting several industries to adopt this knowledge like automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing due to its body temperature accuracy. Industry leaders are heavily invested in research and development efforts for the tablet’s applicability to smart home devices, smart wearable devices, and numerous healthcare monitoring devices driving the market growth. 

Noncontact body temperature sensors like these are capturing significant market share and expected to grow significantly. The pandemic has caused a spike in the demand and noncontact sensors are becoming an essential component of public place entryways including airports, schools, offices, and shopping malls. New technological developments in body temperature sensors such as intelligent light indicators differentiating fever levels are also emerging. 

At the center of this industry is one of the largest sensor technology organizations in the world known as TE connectivity. They develop sensors that are applicable across multiple industries. You may not have noticed, but temperature sensors are part of our everyday life. Monitoring and regulating temperature is not new. From the first 18th-century mercury thermometers to the highly sophisticated body temperature sensors used now, sensors continue to evolve. 

Easy Financing Options

We get it! Quarantine has impacted organizations all over the world. Luckily for you, we have easy financing options available for organizations like yours looking to keep customers safe on a limited budget. We’ve helped over 300,000 businesses like you to provide affordable and convenient financing options. Our partnership with Marlin Financing brings benefits to you: 

  • 100% financing
  • Free up lines of credit
  • Quick processing
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Flexibility in upgrades
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Tax benefits

Easy Service & Maintenance Available

Our AV consultants are available to local businesses in Tucson, Scottsdale, and Albuquerque to help with body temperature sensor service and maintenance needs. Services we offer include: 

  • 2-hour telephone and email response times during business hours
  • No cost installation of available firmware and software updates
  • Unlimited remote help desk phone support 
  • Support response time is within 16 hours
  • Detailed maintenance reports
  • System upgrade consultations
  • Extended manufacturer warranty
  • Onsite scheduled maintenance visits
  • Services provided by our certified AV technicians

Schedule a Consultation today

Are you ready to order your Tauri Temperature Check Tablets and get body temperature at kiosks? We thought so! Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and ensure safety in your organizations. For almost 30 years, our seasoned AV consultants have served customers across multiple industries providing full-service integration, installation, training, and maintenance for the latest AV technology. Our AV consultants hold several certifications and are up to date on the latest trends in the body temperature sensor industry. From LCDs to room control systems and everything in between, we are a trusted resource for AV equipment. 

Recently, the CCS family of companies was ranked as one of the top commercial audiovisual integrators in the country by Commercial Integrator trade magazine. We service multiple markets including corporate, government, K – 12, higher education, healthcare, hospitality, worship, and residential. With more than two decades of experience, our seasoned AV consultants can answer any questions you may have. Book a consultation with us today! 

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