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As many schools welcome back students and reopen for fall, there will be numerous changes due to COVID – 19. Federal guidelines will provide the structure for what that will look like for schools around the country. The Center for Disease Control has put recommendations in place to minimize contact between students, staff, and administrators for the safety of everyone. This will be reflected in staggering school drop off times and keeping groups of students and staff together throughout the day. If social distancing of six feet is not a realistic option, remote learning may be the only option available. For those schools that are able to incorporate social distancing guidelines, new challenges to maximizing sound systems for schools will be present. And our seasoned audio visual consultants are ready to help find the right solution for your school.

What Sound Systems for Schools Should Have

A school sound system has many different applications and can come in several different configurations. It can consist of a simple central sound system located in a school hall or be more complex with paging systems and digital signage. They can be configured for track and field venues, soccer fields, art departments, football stadiums, and bandrooms. 

Whatever your specific needs are, we have a solution. But there are basic elements that your sound system should always have that include a soundfield system that localizes audio visual technology with a microphone, speakers, and audio amplifier. Portable sound systems are perfect when addressing large groups of students because they can be easily transported wherever you need them. For higher education classrooms, sound systems may look a little different. These learning spaces will need additional amplification with high quality microphones and powerful speakers. 

Choosing the Best School Sound System

The key to maximizing a limited school budget is choosing the right sound system. When putting on school events during a time of social distancing, it is important to have an easily transportable system. A mini school sound system can be the most effective alternative during COVID – 19. Here’s what you should look for in a mini PA school system and questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase: 

  • Portability – Social distancing will take on different forms for different school districts. Some may require teachers to switch classrooms rather than groups of students to maintain social distancing requirements. You’ll want to be clear on whether you’re going to be changing classrooms, venues, and auditoriums on a regular basis. If so, then you’ll need a highly portable device. By nature, these systems are very portable but some more so than others. For example, some PA systems weigh only 1.5 pounds and others can be worn around the waist. 
  • Venue size – Determine how you plan to use your PA system. The size of the classroom will determine how much power you’ll need. Mini PA systems that hold 5 watts of power will be sufficient for small classrooms. For lecture rooms with 50 students or more, you’ll need at least 20 watts of power. You’ll also need to consider whether you plan to use it outside. You won’t have the benefit of sound waves bouncing off of walls to amplify the sound of your voice. Raising the volume for better sound will eventually drain your power and cause distortion. In the end, it’s better to have more power than you need
  • Sound quality – Using your PA for music lessons requires different sound quality than lectures. Sound quality is directly proportional to power provided by a PA system. If you’re simply trying to reproduce music as a background compliment to classroom presentations, 20 to 30 watts may be all you need. But if you will be conducting live performances, this will not be sufficient. 
  • Electricity access – What kind of access will you have to electricity outlets? If you’re using a mini school sound system strictly for lectures, then an AC adapter will suffice. If you plan on using the system outside, you’ll need a PA system with on board power sources with rechargeable batteries. Knowing how long the charge will last and how long it takes to recharge will be a factor in determining what system will work for you. 
  • Microphone – Having a good idea of how you plan to use the microphone and how portable you need it to be will determine what kind of microphone you should use. Wireless microphones allow maximum portability and allow teachers to be hands free while writing on a chalkboard. Small PA systems are usually mounted on a belt with a wireless mic. Large PA systems usually provide upgrades with wireless mic. You’ll need to choose a PA system that supports a wireless microphone with the least amount of interference. FM wireless systems use a tunable transmitter which is useful for schools with multiple PA systems. It allows you to switch frequencies to avoid interference.


  • Features – You’ll want to choose a PA system with built in features like CD players and expandable speakers. Other systems have extra inputs that allow you to connect to audio from external sources. If you’re using it for music purposes, this can be especially useful. There are systems on the market that provide audio input jacks for multimedia applications, output jacks for tape recorders, and built in bass and treble controllers. 
  • Budget – We know you work with a limited budget, especially during COVID – 19. That’s why mini PA systems are perfect because they can pack a lot of punch for a smaller cost than large school sound systems. Deciding whether you’ll need a wireless microphone, rechargeable batteries, or a built in CD player will be determined by your budget. But you’ll still be saving more in the long run. 

What CCS Southwest Offers for School Sound Systems

We offer portable PA school sound systems designed for full coverage and easily setup in seconds. The Bigfoot 2 and the Beacon 2 both feature: 

  • Built in bluetooth
  • Connect up to 4 wireless microphones
  • Built in rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to transport and setup 
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • Operate on up to 8 hours of a single charge

For smaller groups, we offer Megavox 2, Go Getter 2, and Liberty 2 with the following features: 

  • Built in bluetooth
  • Connect up to 4 wireless microphones
  • Built in rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to transport and setup 
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • Operate on up to 8 hours of a single charge

If you’re looking for an effective speaker system, the AN – 30 provides powerful sound for classrooms: 

  • Reaches crowds of 100 plus
  • Connect up to two wireless microphones
  • Easily mount to wall or ceiling
  • Stand mountable
  • Daisy chain multiple units

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For over 23 years, our expert AV team has provided service to several business sectors with full service integration, installation, training, and maintenance of AV equipment. We currently service renowned universities like Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Grand Canyon University, and Northern Arizona University. We also work with K – 12 schools and create durable PA systems with the ability to evolve when you do. 

We are aware that these social distancing guidelines will be costly and schools traditionally operate on a limited budget. That’s why we offer our customers plenty of financing options to upgrade their audio visual equipment because you don’t have time to wait for better quality and enhanced learning. For your convenience, we’ve partnered with Marlin to provide easy financing options with the following features: 

  • 100% financing
  • Fast processing
  • Free up credit
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Flexibility
  • Tax benefits
  • Flexible terms

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