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Our AV Sales team in Scottsdale, Tucson and Albuquerque have the expertise and understanding to meet the needs of any project, huge or humble from corporate businesses, to education, healthcare, hospitality and more.

What you can expect when meeting with out AV Sales experts:

  • Comprehensive consultation to understand the wants and needs for the AV technology in your space
  • Education on the products and solutions we can offer for you
  • Exceptional communications and assistance throughout the purchasing and integration process

Av Sales Leadership

CCS Southwest is proud to have our expert team of sales representatives to help you with your AV needs

  • Cassie Wells
    Cassie Wells Corporate Relationship Manager
    • Abe Assad
      Abe Assad VP of Sales
      • Jeff Schultz
        Jeff Schultz K-12 SALES MANAGER
        What is AV Equipment?

        To understand what AV equipment is, we start with what is AV? AV stands for audiovisual, and audiovisual technology helps us project and display sound (audio) and images (visual). There are countless devices that fit under the category of AV equipment from LCD and LED displays, to the mounts that hold those displays, and sound systems.

        What are some examples of Audiovisual Devices?

        Audiovisual technology is apart of our everyday lives, from the digital displays showing menu items at a restuarant, to the music that’s played through speakers at venues, in homes, at stores, and more! Audiovisual technology also includes projectors, video conferencing cameras and microphones, and even cables like HDMI cords that connect it all.

        What is an Audiovisual Room?

        An audiovisual room contains AV equipment, such as a classroom with a Smart Board and speaker system or a conference room with a display, conferencing equipment, scheduling panels, and more. There are all kinds of audiovisual rooms in every industry or field.

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